4 reasons why CPD is so important in Social Work


CPD is a vital way of developing your skills and qualifications when you are a Social Worker. In order to stay registered with the HCPC, it is important that Social Workers undertake a number of different CPD activities including work based learning, professional activity, formal education and self directed learning. Read below our reasons why it is so vital that this is all continued throughout your social work career..

  1. Knowledge and skills up to date

Legislation is subject to changing throughout your career, and with changes always coming up, it is important that your knowledge and skills are up to date so you can practice to the best of your abilities.

  1. Greater work engagement

CPD helps you maintain and deliver a professional service to your service users and to your team. It gives you a fresh new start in making sure you can operate within your work place in the best possible way.

  1. Career progression

Training gives you the chance to explore different areas of social work that you may have not explored previously. CPD opens you up to new skill areas and can assist in helping you progress within your career.

  1. Gives you confidence and reminds you of your passions

Sometimes we are all guilty of going through hard patches in our careers, but extra training and developing new skills can remind you of why you chose to go into Social Work in the first place. It can ignite your passion and give you that much needed motivation to continue. It keeps you interested and engaged within your chosen field.

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