Looking to go into a locum contract? Read below the main reasons why you should consider this option within your social work career.

1. New Locations

If you are the kind of person that doesn’t want to deal with work place politics, loves working with different service users and teams across the UK, then going into a locum contract is an ideal option for you. The idea of going into a local authority for 3 months on a temporary contract, completing your caseload and then leaving to go onto the next challenge within a new team is very appealing to some candidates. A locum contract gives you an idea of how that authority works, giving you the opportunity to see if you want to potentially stay there on a permanent basis in the future.

2. Job Flexibility 

Being a locum Social Worker gives you the flexibility to go to any local authority you wish.  Notice periods are substantially shorter in locum contracts, giving you a chance to test the waters within different aspects of social work in a variety of teams and areas. That flexibility isn’t something you will get within a permanent job role.

3. Improving your professional skills

Taking part in different locum contracts around the UK will give you excessive experience within different teams, working with different Managers and service users. You get to learn from other social work professionals in different areas which will improve your professional skills and boost your CV in the process.

4. Better pay rates

Through going locum, there is a clear financial incentive which is very appealing to social work candidates. The loss of sick pay and pension is made up with a great salary in the many local authorities over the UK. The difference in pay is huge, and although money is not always the main aspect in choosing your direction in social work, it still plays a part in choosing your next role as a social worker.

5. Demand for Social Workers

One of the biggest worries candidates have when turning to locum social work is the possibility of being without work. However the demand for locum social workers is always high throughout the UK so there is no need to worry!  Job security is strong and people who have great experience will often find that locum social work vacancies are always around.

Are you interested in becoming a locum social worker? If you are, why don’t you contact our Kent consultants for more information on the latest locum social work roles around the UK? Please contact 01732 424 131 or email parker.rose@parkerrosegroup.co.uk.