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Valentine’s Day is upon us, and love is in the air! But one of the most important relationships you have in life is the one you have with your job. Read below our top reasons why it is important to love your job…

1. Mondays will never be a problem

Everyone always dreads a Monday – but loving your job and the workplace you are going to everyday will make Monday less scary when it comes around.

2. You deserve to do your passion

Everyone in life deserves to do what they love. Whether it is social work, or community work, if its your passion then you deserve to be doing what you love.

3. Less stress and better health

Work life takes up the majority of your week, and if you are spending your week doing something that you hate, it is going to cause you stress and create negative mental health. Your work will be poor, and you will have no motivation to complete the week in a positive and productive way. If you love what you do, and get a natural joy from your hours in the work place, it is guaranteed to make you feel happier in your work life and personal life.

4. You’ll inspire others

There is a lot of people that are too scared to make that jump or leap of faith into a career that they love, and if you have already done this… you will be a great inspiration for your friends, colleagues and family. Being a positive role model, who loves their job and is working hard is a great energy to project onto the people around you.

5.  It gives you motivation to improve

When you love your job, it gives you the motivation to improve in your role and go to the next step. You will want to be involved in more training, create positive relationships in your chosen field and go for that promotion. When you hate where you work, you will not have the motivation to do anything more than you already have to do.

Not loving your job at the moment????? Maybe it is time you started to love your job again! Give our consultants a call to help you with your job search on 01732 424131 or email parker.rose@parkerrosegroup.co.uk.