Have you recently secured yourself a new assignment in your social work career?

Are you worried about your first day?

Read below on our top tips for starting your new social work assignment;

Create a good first impression

Dress well, be punctual, create positive work relationships and be proactive. You would have already created a good impression through your successful interview, but show that your employer did not make the wrong decision by hiring you. This assignment will be a brand new start, so start creating the building blocks for a successful 3 month contract within this local authority.

Know your journey

Make sure you have researched your journey to work in the mornings. Candidates sometimes fail to research the route, and often this means that they are late to their first day or end up in the wrong place! Make sure you have double checked with your consultant regarding office postcode, length of journey and even parking outside of the office. This will make the first day A LOT less stressful for you if you know exactly what you are doing and where you are going.

Know the details

Knowing all of the details of your job role, length of contract, pay rate and who you are meant to report to will make you a lot more organised on your first day. Going through these important pieces of information with your consultant or team manager will mean that there will be less surprises for you on your first day!

Agency Payroll

Ensure that you know your agencies process with payroll, the documentation they require and the umbrella company you are with. This is to make sure you are getting paid correctly and getting your timesheet in at the correct time. All of this is very important, and is key if you want to be paid on time. Make sure you and your consultant have gone through all of the key information regarding your payments and timesheet details.

Do your research

A little research never hurt anyone! It is important for a new employee to research some of the key parts about the council they are going in. You are going to be starting a brand new assignment so the key parts of information about your place of work will give you the head start you need on your first day.

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