January is considered to be the most depressing month of the year. After the excitement of Christmas and New Year, January is the time where you are trying to get yourself back into a routine. To help you throughout this month, read below our list of tips so you are able to tackle work positively and productively.


Make a plan

If you are coming back to work with a massive pile of paperwork on your desk, the best advice is to make a plan for the month. This is so you can tackle everything and make sure you are back on track when January is over and done with. Coming back after Christmas and New Year after having a few weeks off can be stressful, but everyone is in the same boat! Write down everything you want to achieve through January, and make sure you stick to it everyday. Book that meeting with your Manager to find out what you can do to get everything done! This will increase your motivation and make sure you know what you are doing everyday.


Eat Healthy

Working in an office, it is so easy to eat a lot of bad foods at your desk all day. Whether you have a new years resolution of getting back into shape or not, eating healthy is proven to keep your energy and motivation up. Get yourself some healthy snacks at your desk at work, and make sure you are eating through out the day. Keeping your diet positive is a great way to start off your January!


Get Away from your Desk

Whether its the gym, or simply going outside for some fresh air, getting away from your desk gives your brain time to process everything that has happened through out the day. Taking a breather and a regular break will be great for you to manage your emotions and keep motivated during the working day.


Watch your sleep routine

All those late nights over Christmas and New Year does not do you any favours when you get back into your work routine! Get your sleeping pattern back on track early, and make sure you are getting a good nights sleep everynight. This is a great way to start your day if you are feeling refreshed and active.


Keep Positive

January is one month out of 12, and it will soon come to an end! Once you are back into the swing of things at work, going back to “reality” does not seem all that bad. Keep a positive mind frame throughout January, and try and intergrate this through your work.


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