Do you always struggle at telephone interviews? Have you got one coming up and you are nervous about it? Do not panic. Read below for our top tips for smashing your next telephone interview.


1.Make sure you do your research

Some candidates get confused with the idea of a telephone interview, thinking that it will be informal and short, however this isn’t always the case. It’s important to treat your telephone interview like a face to face interview, and to do your research on the business thoroughly. Showing that you have done this research will be impressive to an employer, and will show that you care about being successful within this job role.

2. Do it in a private place

There is nothing worse then being on the phone with someone and hearing the dogs barking in the background, or the sound of cars zooming past on the road nearby, making it hard to even hear what you or the interviewer is saying. Prepare for where you are going to be in good time, and choose the appropriate location so you can get the most out of this telephone interview.

3. Write down questions and points you want to ask BEFORE the interview

The advantages of having a telephone interview is that the employer can not see what you are doing, so having notes with you will not be judged upon in this situation. Take this opportunity to write down your greatest achievements, or key points / questions that you want to mention during the interview. Do not waste the opportunity. Make the most out of having notes to prompt you during this time.

4. Listen

This one is an obvious point, but it is still very important. Listen to what they are telling you on the interview and make sure you are focused. It is okay to ask for the employer to re ask a question if you didn’t get it the first time, but make sure you listen to everything that is being asked of you in the interview.

5. Take notes DURING the interview 

As previously mentioned in the 3rd point, make the most of the advantages of having a telephone interview. Write down key points that are mentioned by the employer, and use this as an advantage if you happen to be going onto a second interview which is face to face. It will greatly benefit you in making sure you are the perfect candidate for the role.

6. Be professional

This could be your first and only chance to make a great first impression with this employer, so promote yourself and keep it professional. Be you and tell them exactly why you are the right person for this role.

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