The 21st March is World Down Syndrome Day and with Down Syndrome being a cause that is close to our hearts as a business, we are keen to share Mike’s story about his family and his son, George. To read the interview, please read below

George fills me with pride every second of every day. He is funny, incredibly thoughtful, clever, cheeky, strong and an amazing big/little brother to just name a few things. He sees the world in a way that I only wish I could! He sees beauty in the simplest things like a hug, and a kiss. He makes me a better person and has inspired me from the very second he was born.

Myself and my wife, Gemma, are part of a support group called “little buddies” for parents and children that are blessed with that extra special chromosome. Not only do the little buddies provide a friendly voice and advise to other parents but they arrange days out, get togethers and Christmas parties for the whole family. We try to arrange charity events throughout the year to raise any money we can to help support the amazing group and continue raising awareness for down syndrome, whenever possible.

In June 2018, we interviewed the founder of the Little Buddies group, Rosie. Check out below what she had to say about the support group who are continuously raising awareness for Down Syndrome.

The group is there to share advice for parents and families and to create a place where they can be themselves. When a baby is born with Downs at Darren Valley Hospital, my contact details are given to the family to join the support group, incase they ever need advice, guidance or even just want to meet for a coffee. It eliminates the “myths” that are unfortunately created when you have a child with Downs, and we are there for a helping hand and to give hope to each other. Some Mum’s have more experience, and this is so helpful when giving advice to new Mothers. We recently had a paediatrician that joined our group that helps other Mum’s with medical advice. This is great to have as this eliminates the worry straight away.”

To read the full interview with Rosie from the Little Buddies…. please follow the link below.