Are you looking for a new assignment in 2020? Maybe 2020 is the time to make a change in your career?

If you are, check out our 5 top tips for your job search in 2020 below…

1. Contact your consultant early

If 2020 is the year for you to start looking for a new role, make sure you contact your consultant early when you have decided to make the change. Letting your consultant know gives them the time to prepare interviews, look at opportunties and (if you are not registered) get you registered with the agency. This can take some time if you want to explore a lot of options. Being organised in your job search will guarantee that you are commiting to your job search and finding the best assignment for yourself.

2. Update your CV

Your consultant will help you with this, however, getting prepared and updating your CV with your latest job roles and training will be a task that is always helpful to complete early. This means that you can quickly get your CV over to any local authorities and organisations at the start of 2020.

3. Be clear with what you want

Have a think and take some time to decide what you actually want in 2020. Maybe you have new years resolutions you want to tick off in the new year? Or maybe you want to explore a new team or new authority? Being open but clear with what you will want will make your job search tailored and precise, meaning you have a better chance of gaining what you want from the whole experience. Also, have a chat with your consultant as they may have opportunties that you haven’t thought about yet, and could be something that would be really good for your career.

4. Make some time for interviews in 2020

If you are dedicated to making a change in 2020, make sure you make the time for interviews. If you haven’t then you will never move on into a new assignment. Give yourself plenty of time to prepare for your new interviews and research local authorities that you could be going into.

5. Book in some extra professional development

Maybe you want to have a break before you go into your new assignment, or your aim is to get into a new role that particular training is needed? Give yourself some time to book in extra training and professional development, as this will be nothing but positive in supporting your job search. If you register with our Parker Rose, we actually provide your training for you based on our loyalty scheme, which sees you get money off training events. This could be great for your career if you are looking to brush up on your social work knowledge.

Looking for a change in 2020? Or maybe you are looking for a new consultant that you can trust? If you are, why don’t you contact our specialist consultants for more information on the latest locum social work roles around the UK?

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