We understand just how difficult it can be for locum Social Workers to keep up to date with their own Professional Development and access relevant training on a regular basis, so we are thrilled to announce that Parker Rose have partnered with Mark Hatter Associates to provide a varied programme of relevant training courses that we know will be of huge interest and benefit to our Locums and their colleagues.

As a thank you for your dedication and commitment to the Parker Rose Group, from the 1st July 2019 we will be introducing the Parker Rose Training Loyalty Scheme.   Just by continuing to work for us, you can accrue credits that can be put towards the cost of our first-rate courses, including our online courses. Each credit is worth the equivalent of £1 and will be awarded monthly in arrears. The amount of credits that can be accrued will be dependent on your contractual hours, but a Social Worker working full-time will be able to accrue 20 credits a month.

The Facts

Credits will be accrued on a pro-rata basis and may not exceed the equivalent of £240 per annum.

Credits will be awarded on the 1st of each month in arrears.

Credits can only be cashed in and put towards the courses we run.

You can cash in as many credits as you like, giving you full flexibility as to how you wish to use them. Pay for the full cost of a course or make smaller contributions; the choice is yours.

Credits are non-transferable, but we will be happy to bank any unused credits for you at the end of each placement, even if you leave us for a while.

Our Training Loyalty Scheme is at the discretion of the Parker Rose Group and is not part of any other contractual arrangement between Parker Rose Group and our locums.

How does this help you?

For the candidates that are not currently working for us, we will be offering 15% off the online training courses.

If you happen to take your next placement through us then we can add you onto our new loyalty scheme which is explained above.

If you are interested in knowing more, please contact us today to find out about the available courses.